I Don't Want to Sing This Song Again



Up For Anything




You're Gonna Love This One
Mission To Mars
It's A Travesty!
Interior World
Strange Fiction
Incredibly Human
Buddhas of Bamiyan
Posthumous Honors
Give Up Your Dreams
My Absence Will Go Unnoticed



I Want To Die With You, Morrissey



What Do You Want Me For?
Battle Hymn of the Romantic
Oh, My Mechanical Heart!
I Don't Either
Back to the Big Lie
Keep It From The Baby
Nothing Is Wrong
Monsters of the Gowanus
The Daily Oblivion
You Loved Me



Is This Thing On?
The Family Plot
Boy Shiva
I'm So Sick of Falling in Love
Should've Done Drugs
We'll Never Get Away
When You Were Crazy
The Very Next Person
The Walking Microphone
World Without Mirrors
The Song That Saved the World




Room Enough
Warm Body
The Brand New Panic
Give it Up! Let it Go!
Secrets in Pairs




The 70th Love Song
The Germ Theory of Thought


Oh No! I Still Love You
Our Little World
Turn Me Down
You've Got to Stop Loving Me
The End of Me
The Joke Must Go On
All You Have To Do Is Love Me
Only Dedicated To You
Henry in the Hat
The Long October
The City of Ex-Girlfriends
The Future Is Coming To Get Me
The Boy Who Cried Goodbye
I Can't Help Your Career
Sunshine Smile Parade