World Without Mirrors (2:55)

oh, the things i could've been
in a world without mirrors!
but when you see yourself
through the eyes of everyone else
you learn they're not wrong
when you trade your eyes
for the eyes of everyone else
how can they be wrong?
they're not wrong

oh, the lives i could've lived
unfettered from this visage!
but when their travelogues
and your landmarks all correspond
they cannot be wrong
when you can confirm
what they hang their jargon on
how can they be wrong?

i adopted their standards
and raised them as my own all alone
when the eyes of the world
are not on you they're still in you

and yes i can judge
for i have always been judged
and i can't accept pleas
that i've got it all backward

so yes
i see what you mean
but even you must concede
that for all my flaws
at least i never stop to ponder
oh, the things i could have been