Bellhouse Brooklyn April 3, 2024
Cameo with the Found Footage Festival
Cassingle Release April 2, 2024
The City of Ex-Girlfriends
b/w The Boy Who Cried Goodbye

Mama Tried Brooklyn April 2, 2024
with Freaky Wilderness

Heaven Can Wait Manhattan April 30, 2023
with P.H.0., Trip Villain, & SINHA

International Pop Overthrow Festival
Bar Freda Queens November 12, 2022
(as Lester Luster)
Berlin Manhattan October 22, 2022
with Palomar, Tris McCall,
Mike Flannery, & the Negatones

18th Ward Brooklyn September 18, 2022
with Palomar, Tris McCall,
Mike Flannery, & Nicole Yun

Heaven Can Wait Manhattan September 17, 2022
with Juliett Class, True Body, & Anton Sword
18th Ward Brooklyn August 7, 2022
(as Lester Luster)
with Pale Lights, Great Lakes,
Haza Moon, & Pickled Onion

Rocky Sullivan's Brooklyn January 31, 2020
with Tuff Sunshine & Savak

St. Vitus Brooklyn December 01, 2019
with FlirtClub (final show)
Pianos Manhattan November 10, 2019
Muchmore's Brooklyn October 27, 2019
with Charm School & Flock of Indifference

Pianos Manhattan November 10, 2018
International Pop Overthrow Festival
Pianos Manhattan October 23, 2018
Burdstock with Palomar & the Negatones
Pianos Manhattan June 30, 2018
with Tallies, FlirtClub, & Twiga
Alphaville Brooklyn June 16, 2018
with Franklin Bruno, Pepto G, & Tres Oui

El Cortez Brooklyn November 2, 2017
with Marzipan
Gold Sounds Brooklyn October 12, 2017
with St. Lenox
Pianos Manhattan May 8, 2017
with Freedom Fry

Pianos December 7, 2016
with Kleenex Girl Wonder
Cakeshop Manhattan November 26, 2016
with My Favorite
WFMU live on-air November 14, 2016
on The Goddamn Dave Hill Show
Union Hall Brooklyn October 8, 2016
with Jennifer Hall
Cakeshop Manhattan September 17, 2016
Album Release Party
NEW ALBUM RELEASE! September 9, 2016
The Well-Tempered Overlord
get the album on iTunes
NEW SINGLE RELEASE! August 12, 2016
Mission to Mars
get the single on iTunes
Alphaville Brooklyn May 19, 2016
with Lemuria
Pianos Manhattan April 28, 2016
with Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help,
Mr. Flannery & His Feelings,
and Richard Davies

Pianos Manhattan August 27, 2015
with Kid in the Attic, Blue Label,
and Mr. Flannery & His Feelings
Cakeshop Manhattan May 31, 2015
10th Anniversary Show! with Miniboone
Niagara Manhattan May 21, 2015
with Jupiter Boys and Free the Mind
Pianos Manhattan March 13, 2015
with Palomar, Young Unknowns,
The Corduroy Suit and Romy Balvers
SINGLE RELEASE! March 13, 2015
I Want to Die With You, Morrissey

Cakeshop Manhattan September 20, 2014
with Palomar and the Oranges Band
The Fire Philadelphia September 19, 2014
with Palomar and the Oranges Band
Breakthru Radio August 27, 2014
Live @ Serious Business Studios
The Delancey Manhattan July 19, 2014
with Jupiter Boys
Bowery Electric Map Room Manhattan May 8, 2014
with Jupiter Boys, the Walking Hellos, & Regular Einstein
Pianos Manhattan February 22, 2014
with Radical Dads and The Pass

Cakeshop Manhattan December 20, 2013
Moonmen on the Moon, Man Reunion
Union Hall Brooklyn October 26, 2013
with DC & The Change and The Space Merchants
Cakeshop Manhattan July 20, 2013
with Miniboone and Giraffes Giraffes
Fontana's Manhattan May 30, 2013
with the Vontons and Glitter
The Fire Philadelphia May 9, 2013
with Glitter
Pianos Manhattan April 19, 2013
with Radical Dads and Kleenex Girl Wonder

Cake Shop Manhattan October 11, 2012
with Tight Little Ship and Gold
Rock Shop Brooklyn September 20, 2012
with Cotton Jones
Union Hall Brooklyn August 9, 2012
with Ace Reporter
Cake Shop Manhattan April 28, 2012
with Folklore and The Hairs
Cake Shop Manhattan February 3, 2012
with Moonmen on the Moon, Man and the Likemindeds
Union Hall Brooklyn January 5, 2012
with Pretendo and the Walking Hellos

World Cafe Live Philadelphia December 8, 2011
with Hurricane Bells
The Rock Ship Brooklyn October 8, 2011
with Kleenex Girl Wonder and Royal American
DC9 Washington May 14, 2011
Nerd Nite DC video premiere
Cake Shop Manhattan April 16, 2011
Record Store Day 8 band extravaganza
The Rock Shop Brooklyn April 7, 2011
with The Secret History and Morton Valence
Fontana's Manhattan April 2, 2011
Release Party with Corita and Soft City
NEW ALBUM RELEASE! April 1, 2011
stream the entire album on SoundCloud
Breakthru Radio March 21, 2011
Live @ Serious Business Studios
The Rock Shop Brooklyn February 17, 2011
with Mitch Easter (Let's Active!) and Boy Genius
Cake Shop Manhattan January 7, 2011
with the Pharmacy and Ryann

Pianos NYC October 13th, 2010
Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang,
Young Nick Krill, and Sons of Albion
The Rock Shop Brooklyn September 25, 2010
with Hurricane Bells and A Million Years
Galapagos Brooklyn September 10, 2010
3rd Annual Nerd Nite Nerdtacular
Bruar Falls Brooklyn NY July 2, 2010
with girlfriends, Specific Heats, and Party Photographers
Bruar Falls Brooklyn NY April 1, 2010
with We are Country Mice and Grandfather
Union Hall Brooklyn NY January 21, 2010
with The Tris McCall Explosion!

Death by Audio Brooklyn NY November 24, 2009
with No! Go! Tell! and Mt. Olympus
Union Hall Brooklyn NY October 30, 2009
with Palomar!
The Wonderland Ballroom DC September 26, 2009
Nerd Nite on Tour!
Groove on Grove Jersey City September 11, 2009
Pianos Manhattan May 20, 2009
w. Shilpa Ray, Ford & Fitzroy, and Higgins
Cake Shop Manhattan May 16, 2009
4th Anniversary party
Bell House Brooklyn April 10, 2009
with the Wrens(!) and Amazing Baby
Knitting Factory Los Angeles April 9, 2009
Nerd Nite on Tour!
The Casbah San Diego April 8, 2009
Nerd Nite on Tour!
Cake Shop Manhattan March 26, 2009
single release! w. Charles Burst and Elizabeth Harper
Union Hall Brooklyn February 25, 2009
single release!
Pianos Manhattan February 8, 2009
with Maricopa

Union Hall Brooklyn October 29, 2008
single release! with The Walking Hellos
The New Galapagos Brooklyn September 13, 2008
single release! Nerd Nite Nerdtacular!
Cake Shop Manhattan August 7, 2008
single release! with Hospitality and C.V.
Mercury Lounge Manhattan May 31, 2008
with Hospitality
Mercury Lounge Manhattan April 6, 2008
with the Dodos
The Delancey Manhattan February 14, 2008
with Claymation Velociraptor. Trisless! Boo!
Monkeytown Brooklyn January 10, 2008
with Olga Bell

Union Hall Brooklyn November 21, 2007
with The Binary Marketing Show
Pianos CMJ Party Manhattan October 16, 2007
with The Deadly Syndrome
The Delancey Manhattan October 13, 2007
with Japan Seoul
Union Hall Brooklyn October 1, 2007
with the Fourelles and Winterpark (aus)
The Delancey Manhattan September 21, 2007
with Paula Carino
Monkey Town Brooklyn September 5, 2007
with Tris and Charles Bissell
Union Hall Brooklyn July 16, 2007
with Antlers and Je Suis France
Cake Shop Manhattan May 4, 2007
Cake Shop Anniversary Party
Luna Lounge Brooklyn February 24, 2007
with The GoStation and Hourly Radio
NorthSix Brooklyn January 17, 2007
with Frightened Rabbit

Cake Shop NYC CD RELEASE! November 18, 2006
WPRB (on-air) Princeton August 12, 2006
WMPG (on-air) Portland ME August 2, 2006
CB's Gallery NYC July 14, 2006
58 Gallery Jersey City July 1, 2006
Pussycat Lounge NYC June 29, 2006
Cake Shop April 13th,2006
Fatbaby NYC March 14th, 2006
Detour (acoustic) NYC March 7th, 2006
Galapagos Brooklyn February 25th, 2006
Pianos NYC February 24th, 2006
Pianos NYC January 5th, 2006

Maxwell's Hoboken October 19th, 2005
Manhattan Room Phila October 11th, 2005
Pianos NYC September 1st, 2005